Strange developments by Thomas Savage



I came across this intriguing architectural student project by Thomas Savage while I was browsing online and I had to stop and have a look to see what it was all about. I have a hunch that this is the type of thing that you either love or hate. I'm on Team Love. It takes a brave person to propose such a utilitarian project on a shore line. These futuristic concrete constructions make no apologies for their clunkiness as they teeter from the shore into the sea. Somehow their strak grey complexions have an animate quality and I'm reminded of Howl's Moving Castle by Director Hayao Miyazaki.

As you may have already picked up it's the aesethetic rather than the function that intrigues me. But what exactly is the project In Praise of Nests and Other Things actually all about? It's a Part 1 project by Savage who attends Northumbria University in the UK. The buildings have a proposed dual function. Situated in the port town of Blyth these towers would be 'habitats for wild birds in Winter and (would) house water sports enthusiasts in Summer.' These strange developments by Thomas Savage are both brave and imaginative. Interesting concept. I'd like to see what he has up his sleeve next....

Renee Barker

Images: Dezeen