The Solus Project



The Solus Project is a survival game in the truest sense. You’ve crash landed on a strange planet and are the only survivor. If you’re at all monophobic (fear of being alone) then you’re probably going to want to give this game a miss.

Hourences is a name that few know, but folks who have taken the plunge into the world of Unreal Engine tutorials will be familiar with this guy. He’s been churning out educational content for Epic’s engine for yonks and you could say that The Solus Project is a manifestation of years of teaching, all wrapped up in a tidy package. No doubt, this game will leverage absolutely all that UE4 has to offer.

The biggest question raised in their E3 announcement trailer revolves around the possible inhabitants of the planet before your surprise entrance. Who or what was here before you? Why? Are they still here? Will they eat my face? Who knows… but it’s a scary thought that I can’t wait to find the answers to. In a swathe of open-world, multiplayer games that shine in the spotlight of E3, it’s very easy to gloss over all of these awesome projects that don’t get the media attention they deserve. I’m looking at you Firewatch…

"The planet that you are on works as the enemy in the game"

Surviving the harsh, foreign landscape will be the your biggest challenge in what I can only envision will harness a pinch of Myst-like gameplay and story element that remind me of Lost. Does the game have polar bears? Guess we’ll have to wait and see early next year…