Ways Of Seeing



It’s Nice That and Canvas are teaming up with three creatives to help bring a wider audience to the arts. Canvas is an Arts Council-funded initiative bringing together arts organisations across England with a set of wide-ranging objectives: making arts content more discoverable and engaging; increasing the number of people engaging with the arts; increasing the volume and quality of creative media; and supporting the skills and digital capacity of the arts sector.

The first collaboration as part of the initiative see’s Robert Wallace – aka Parallel Teeth – pairing up with The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in Gateshead. Wallace is a New Zealand-born, London-based animator, illustrator and director. His work spans poppy live action, hypnotic 2D animation, puppetry and illustration. His energetic and playful style has been seen on music videos, album artwork and posters, as well as international festivals including Pictoplasma and File Anima+.

Ways Of Seeing, for the Baltic Centre reminds me of a classic lecture from first year art school in terms of it’s intention – open your eyes, see something new!, and his piece certainly does just that. Mesmerising, hand drawn illustrations act as portals through walls, turn paintings into dizzying depictions, and bring to life the space through strangely personified objects. Approaching the piece without a clear storyboard, and using only a handheld camera, has added a certain charm to the work. It’s not overly polished, instead it’s vibrant and fun with a little bit of naivety. Speaking with It’s Nice That, Wallace explained his approach was purposeful, albeit a little bit unnerving at times. The result though, allows for play and imagination, two things that unfortunately are often left out of the gallery context. 

Parallel Teeth is represented by Strange Beast, see more of his work and some outstanding work by other creatives on their portfolio site.

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