Terms and Conditions - Design and Creative Technology Scholarships


Submission deadline is 11.59pm AEST on Monday 13th May for June 2019 intake and 11.59pm AEST on Sunday 01 September 2019 for September 2019. Late submissions cannot be accepted.

Submissions must be original creative works, not plagiarised, and present relative to the brief.

The scholarship will be awarded to winning students based on a set of criteria, including creative originality, innovation, academic drive, and industry passion.

All scholarship applications must complete the following to be deemed complete and eligible for assessment:

  • An approximately 100 word response to the question: What can you bring to the Design and Creative Technology Ambassador Program?
  • A digital submission via the portfolio/project function of ‘Frontier.’ The applicant is to register for Frontier, upload their chosen piece(s) and apply for the scholarship using the online form. Submission can take any creative form (web design, photography, graphic design etc.), as long as it is relevant and related to the chosen course/scholarship area
  • A rationale of the submitted piece (approximately 300 words)
  • All online form fields successfully completed

Applications are to be completed on Frontier only. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure they have their chosen piece(s) uploaded to their Frontier profile at the time submissions close.

Handcrafted submissions will not be accepted or returned to sender.


A total of ten (10) scholarships are on offer. Each scholarship offers a $10,000 reduction of tuition fees. The offer and amount remain the same for all Torrens University Australia’s course offerings across all campus locations, including online.

The value of the Scholarships is subject to change dependent on the course fees for the year within which they are awarded.

Scholarship award is attributable as a fee credit for the first year of study only (first and/or second study period).

Course offering differs in each location and is subject to change.

At the discretion of College Administration, Scholarships can and may be split and awarded as partial value or not awarded at all, depending on the overall quality of submissions.

By accepting the Scholarship award, the recipient(s) agrees to become a Design and Creative Technology Ambassador for the duration of their studies and will be required to play an active role in college events such as information evenings, open days and external career exhibitions. The recipient(s) must also agree to take part in marketing activities, develop and provide creative content and testimonials as required. Failure to carry out the duties of the Design and Creative Technology Ambassador may result in the Scholarship award being terminated.

All recipients are required to attend key recruitment events in their State/Territory. Failure to attend may result in the Scholarship award being terminated.

The final award is subject to the winner(s) satisfying the age and ATAR requirements of the College entry criteria

Only domestic students (including New Zealand citizens) are eligible to apply

Scholarship award is only available to new students who have not been previously enrolled in a same level course at Torrens University Australia.

Scholarship award only applies to fulltime, on-campus and online study.

Should a Scholarship student intend to transition to part-time mode at any point during their studies, the College reserves the right to discontinue the award.

Deferral or withdrawal of studies will result in forfeit of the remainder of the Scholarship award (or the entire award if the studies have not yet commenced).

The Scholarship recipient is expected to excel academically, and their performance will be monitored each study period. A failure to meet academic obligations may result in forfeit of the Scholarship award. Subsequent fees for repeating a failed subject will be the responsibility of the student.